Crystal Consultants are known for its strengths in:

  • Sourcing Techniques
  • Database
  • Referrals
  • Campus
  • Executive search
  • Head hunting
  • Screening – written test
  • Interviews

When it comes to staffing, there is no one size fits all solution. That is why we evaluate each client on a case by case basis to truly determine the most cost effective staffing strategy.

Of course regardless of the strategy, providing quality people is always our first priority. To ensure we fill every position accurately, we follow below steps of recruiting and evaluation process.

Resume Search: Our Technical Recruitment team searches the best resumes that match your requirement from our huge pool of Technology experts.

Phone Screen: Candidates are initially evaluated through a thorough phone interview.

Resume Review: Resume is evaluated to ensure skills and experience, meet client’s standards.

In-Person Interview: After passing the phone screen and resume review, candidates are evaluated through an intense in-person behavioral interview.

Thorough Evaluation Screening: Each candidate’s skills and abilities are tested including personality evaluations and any relevant skill and software testing.

Technical evaluation:  will be done based on the clients specification.

Background Check: A complete background check is completed when the position requires.

A More Intelligent Approach to Manage Staffing

CRYSTAL CONSULTANTS complete workforce management solutions, allow for a more in-depth and integrated management of your staffing function. Through the use of leading edge technology, we are able to supply advanced reporting and monitoring of your contingent workforce resulting in more thorough time management and more control of overall staffing costs.

When searching for the perfect candidate for your company, our process starts with understanding your Requirement our staffing specialists will meet with your HR team to get an understanding of what you are looking for in a candidate (technical abilities, soft skills, and personality).

What our staffing specialists do:

  • Conducting research, candidate sourcing through our in-house database or job boards
  • Resume screening and matching resumes as per required skills
  • Assisting and handling search for high performers in the job market.
  • Focused searches for experienced, highly qualified individuals across the globe.
  • Resume screening based on education, skill set, experience, and past job performance and various other skills.
  • Pre-placement talks and introductions to various Indian universities and colleges.
  • Conducting screening tests at various university and college campuses.
  • Software products for company reviews, appraisals and resume management.